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Need to extract meaning from text, image, audio, video, geo or survey data? Get to know ATLAS.ti, the leading qualitative analysis software.

Meet ATLAS.ti, the leading qualitative analysis software.

Interconnect, manage and methodically analyze all your "soft"​ data​: Text, images, audio, video, PDF, geodata, surveys. Explore and "code"​ your digital knowledge, extract meaning, and create visual structures from information stored on your computer, on networks, or on the Web.

Import and analyze surveys. Link individual segments from text, image, and video files with actual places on Google Earth. Use nearly any type of source data you like, including PDF documents natively. Work by yourself or in a team. ATLAS.ti offers professional data analysis capabilities second to none.

Corporations, international organizations, universities, researchers, academics, and students world-wide rely on ATLAS.ti for their data analysis needs. No other program comes even close to offering you the power and convenience of ATLAS.ti. Retrieving valuable information from text and multi-media source materials has never been this easy, intuitive, and efficient.

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