VanDyke software
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VanDyke software

VanDyke Software is a privately held software company located in Albuquerque, NM, with more than 1,500,000 registered users in over 150 countries worldwide. With secure access software for remote access, remote administration and file transfer, VanDyke provides strong, multi-protocol security for data in transit. Organizations from Global 1000 corporations and ISPs to stock exchanges, universities, and research labs depend on VanDyke Software solutions.

VanDyke Software was founded in 1995, releasing the CRT™ 1.0 terminal emulator on the World Wide Web the same month Microsoft® Windows® 95 shipped. The company’s product offerings include three client applications and one server, with the SecureCRT® client as its current flagship. The VShell® server offers a secure solution for many UNIX-based operating systems as well as Windows. All products are highly configurable, so that customers can set up the software to their own needs. To encourage customers to try before they buy, the company offers free evaluation software as well as pre-purchase technical support.

Serving the needs of a core audience with more than a half-million technical professionals, VanDyke sales, customer service, and technical support take advantage of web-based resources and email communication. Software development focuses on understanding customers’ needs and helping them solving real problems. New products emphasize delivering a free evaluation public beta release with core functionality, from which to gain experience and customer feedback to help define and prioritize later features.

VanDyke Software’s easy-to-use software along with expert, responsive customer support have a daily impact on its customers’ businesses.

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